SA Temperatures break records

Today the temperatures in SA have soared. So far 19 locations have broken all records. Here in Noarlunga the forecast max was 43 degrees C. To this time the hottest temperature I have seen for Noarlunga is 46.7 degrees C.

Port Augusta was forecast to hit 49 degrees C.

Luckily, the power grid has held up since all the trouble we’ve had over the last few years, including the state-wide blackout of 2015 caused a major rethink of pour supply reliability.

Let’s see how this evening goes.

Podcasting set-up

Well, today I’ve been stuck in the office all afternoon working out a new podcast setup with microphones and mixers. This year are Graeme and I are going to be getting back into podcasting and video casting. So, we might do some local stuff from our 3 webcam office or we might go out into the studio and do more with the real McCoy.

What I’ve been doing is mucking around with some Logitech 920 I think C920 webcams and I hooked up a 4 channel Audio Mixer to the computer so that we can have some guests in here as well. When Graeme and I get back to work at the end of January you might see some excellent new productions coming out of the video Professionals studio so keep a look out what’s the website watch our social media and see what we are going to be up to in 2019.

New Year’s Direction

Well the first day of sunshine for the new year is drawing to a close and I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I have a meeting with my business partner Graeme Goodings to discuss projects for 2019. Will be shifting our focus a little bit in the coming year from making videos to training you to make the best videos you can with the equipment you’ve got.

Several courses will be constructed during 2019 to teach you all about lighting, sound, video, editing and more. These courses will teach you to make better videos than your competitors you know the ones who just grab the iPhone and go and shoot will teach you the tips and tricks to make your video worthy of your brand and business.

Keep your eye on the and look at the training section for the various courses will be running during 2019. There’s something there for everyone.

So decide where your video could use Improvement and contact us on 08 8325 2746 or email us at

See you soon!

Happy New Year (Not New Years) it’s singular!

Well everyone, we now venture into 2019. This seemed so far away when I was in High School back in the mid 1970s. Now those days seem like yesterday. Funny how time seems to speed up as you get older.

I lost several friends in 2018 and one hopes we all go on for years to come. Either way we should carry on like each day is a new adventure and not get bogged down with silly non-important things.

Anyway, I still feel in my mind the same as I always have. Young at heart and still willing to take on new adventures.

Ideas for January 2019

Today another beautiful day in Adelaide it’s great to see the nice weather here at last. Hopefully the winter lovers won’t grizzle too much and 26c, Sunny and beautiful in the shade should be OK for them. It’s nice that us summer lovers get a bit of a go at the beer weather it brings out everybody like families are at the beach people walking their dogs is just lovely to see everybody around.where to do with the vet more weather like this so that we can get out and about and get some traveling done so we can send you back some photos.

We might be looking at a trip up north and one to the east so standby on this blog and you might get to see some great photos from around your state.

Peedee and Jeffrey might be even out of join us on one of our excursions. Patch needs a bath and he won’t have one so until he does he is grounded.

Pat and I must go over to Kangaroo Island at some point during the January holidays as it’ll be great to have a break and good to get over there while the weather is this fine.

It’ll be great to visit the Parndana Hotel for lunch or dinner and the Lighthouse Cafe for breakfast. As far as I’m concerned these are the best to eating places on the island.

Catch you soon!

Hi There

Hi there,

This is David with my first new blog posts on my personal site. Originally, my blog was integrated with my business sites such as David Hales Media, Studio 91 and Optical Design but I’ve decided to separate it so that I can post personal items without interfering with the business sites.

I’ll post personal things hear about my daily travels and things that I get up two trips with my family and you’ll get to know all about it and my thoughts on life and society. You’ll see photos from places we go and see and experience plus, you’ll get to see the various things we come across in our daily lives.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment. FYI, comments have to be approved. So, if you are just a spammer hoping to get your links out, FORGET IT!

To the rest of you. See you soon!